2019 Christmas campaign - Progress report

Together with Worldvision und ELVIS AG, new classrooms have been built in Tanzania thanks to the Christmas 2019 fundraiser. Here is the report:

The influence of COVID and the project
COVID-19 challenges the health systems of the World Vision project countries even more than the Western countries. Activities and commitment of World Vision and local partners must be postponed, measures must be adapted and invested in disease prevention.
Reporting is hampered by the fact that many colleagues cannot support and document project work on site.
Through the partnership with the district government, school management committee and parishioners, the project could be carried out despite all the difficulties.
The project has resulted in the construction of two classrooms that can accommodate 100 children at a time. Moreover, 30 members of the school administration committee, parents and teachers (17 men and 13 women) participated in the two-day training sessions and discussions about their responsibility for the students' performance.
All tasks associated with the construction were officially started in May 2020 and have now been completed.

Together with ELVIS and its partners, World Vision built the classrooms in partnership with the district government by engaging a qualified supplier. Parishioners were also involved and contributed their manpower, the building site and the agreed locally available materials. Here are some impressions: