Global trade allows the import as well as the export of the most diverse goods to and from all continents in the world. However, here in the individual states or groups of states, like Europe, there exist numerous regulations and laws, beginning with the minimum and maximum quantities through packaging regulations to the complex area of dangerous goods.

Import and export customs clearance requires, quite literally, global knowledge of the situation because every country has its own very special regulations regarding customs clearance in both import and export. Language barriers are added to this whose pitfalls are not seen in English, the common language of international trade. We take over all necessary tasks in order to import or export your goods as quickly as possible.

On land, at sea or in the air

Before import and export customs clearance, various jobs have to be done whose early completion accelerate the process considerably, like the pre-registration of goods and products in the Atlas customs system, whereby we are online and in direct contact with the customs authorities and make the provision very quickly. An immensely important point because the waiting queues for processing are often very long and most goods are booked onto the corresponding means of transport. Equally important can be the presentation of the goods at customs together with the necessary documentation, of course.

Dangerous goods

The import and export of dangerous goods is a special area is whose definition is not rarely dependent on the quantity. We can also offer you a continuous solution depending on the desired mode of transport, whether the goods and products should be transported by air, sea or by road, or in multimodal transport. Particularly in air freight, as the fastest means of transport, there are, alongside the customs regulations for the exporting as well as importing countries, many further guidelines, regulations and laws at national as well as international level, and additional to these there are special provisions from the air freight companies.

Our longstanding experience in the clearance of import and export goods helps you to transport your products at the right time, in the right amount and also in the right quality to where you, as the customer, want it to be.