Warehouse logistics

In our opinion, connecting well-functioning warehouse logistics with a forwarding agent and the freight department is a logical step that the customer benefits from. For this reason the storage of goods and products is another major part of our business together with the ancillary services. As our customer, there are currently more than 10 000 sqm of warehousing available to you as well as further large free areas.

Your Supply Chain Management (SCM), our warehouse logistics

The supply chain management, the checking of delivery chains and an accompanying optimisation in the creation of value are components of nearly all manufacturing companies today. With our warehousing service we integrate ourselves seamlessly into your SCM. This means not only storage of your goods in our storage area and shipment of these at a time determined by you. Our warehousing logistics encompasses practically all warehousing procedures that are feasible for conventional goods. We can offer an individual service, which corresponds exactly to the details of your value creation chain. Here you can see which services we offer in our warehousing areas:

  • Individual warehouse management
  • Storage strategies according to your wishes, e.g.:
  • First in – first out or batch management
  • Block storage or shelf storage, depending on freight
  • Buildings can be separately rented
  • Frost-free storage
  • Certified company
Commissioning, marking and labelling as well as quality checks

Furthermore, we adapt our warehouse logistics services offer to suit your needs and we take on further tasks such as the commissioning of goods, marking and labelling as well as quality checks in accordance with your instructions, or defined standards for that particular freight during storage.

Forwarding, freight area, warehouse and transhipment area

Trucks and containers transporting freight from all over the world arrive here on a daily basis. With our service for additional storage, including the connected services, we ensure on your behalf that your goods and products are in an optimal condition and correspond to the provisions agreed with your customer. In this way you can often save several intermediate steps and routes, which save time and money.