Truck wash

In the area of commercial vehicles, cleaning does not only have the job of creating an optically pleasant picture. Of course, a clean truck and trailer or semi-trailer is always a flagship, literally a business card, for your company. In this case though, a good clean of the vehicle is much more important in order to avoid a contamination of the goods. Particularly in the field of bulk products and in silo transporting, residues of previous substances can affect the quality of the transported goods so much that acceptance could be rejected under some circumstances. This is the same for refrigerated transports, whereby internal cleaning is even more important. With our truck wash that is planned for the autumn of 2015 we face the challenge of making cleanliness and hygiene our own matter, and we also offer this as a service to you.

Regular cleaning is important

With our new truck wash we are in a position to clean every type of vehicle externally from the underbody up to the roof. Furthermore, we can complete the internal cleaning of refrigerated as well as sliding floor vehicles together with the rinsing of silo vehicles. Of course, under observation of all necessary measures for protecting the environment.

Residue-free cleaning

Silo vehicles have mostly closed containers in which residues from transport goods can stick, both visibly as well as invisibly. Only through extensive rinsing can the container as well as the pump systems and hoses be completely cleaned. But that is not enough. Silo vehicles transport goods whose consistency would be affected by damp remaining after the rinse. For this reason, silo vehicles have to be dried carefully after rinsing, something that is done by blowing high-pressure air into the container.

Refrigerated transport, in which mainly open and packed food is transported, is not allowed to have any contaminations in the refrigerated area, something that is obvious for hygiene reasons. Internal cleaning done by us ensures that every item of frozen and refrigerated goods arrives as clean as it was when it left.

Our truck wash, your advantage and profit in your customer’s confidence in you.