Bagging of goods

Various raw materials from the chemical and agricultural industry are often available after harvest or production as bulk goods with varying levels of granulation. For example, they may take the form of plastic granulates with individual elements that are only a few millimetres in size, or materials that have been processed into extremely fine powder.
For transport from the producer or manufacturing region, such bulk materials are often shipped in big bags or directly in containers without additional outer packaging. This saves transport and packaging costs, as most of these goods have a high volume-to-weight ratio and do not have many special requirements regarding transportation conditions.

From big to small

As a buyer of bulk goods, you are sometimes faced with the problem that, for various reasons, the goods cannot be resold or, in their current condition, do not meet your own processing needs.

That’s where our goods bagging service comes in. We make sure that your bulk goods from the Big Bags or containers receive exactly the packaging that you want or are in need of. With our two different bagging systems, we can pack your product into containers or bags weighing from 5 kg to 40 kg.

Bagging of goods - the right way

We adapt to your requirements. Depending on the type and condition of your bulk material, we use a bagging system equipped with either a screw conveyor or a conveyor belt. The system we use depends on various factors. If the bulk material is prone to clumping or accumulating, screw conveyors are generally preferable to conveyor belts. As for plastic granulates, for example, the filling process can take place gently and without a conveyor belt or screw conveyor. Very fine and dry powders, on the other hand, can be transferred more efficiently using the conveyor belt.

Of course, our goods bagging service includes sealing the filled bags appropriately for each container type and stacking them properly so that they are ready for transport on one-way, ISO or Euro-pallets according to your specifications or the legal regulations for maximum load. Finally, the loaded pallets are wrapped or sealed in stretch film. We make sure that your former bulk material is now ready for transportation and storage in individual containers. Of course we also adapt to your individual needs, as far as these can be technically implemented, e.g. preparing the pallets for outdoor storage or meeting specific dimension requirements for storage in high racks.

Full service with our or your own bags

On request, we can provide plain bags with no inscriptions or markings for packing the bulk material. We can also use bags supplied by you with your company logo. In any case, all filled containers will be labelled by us, with labels designed according to your specifications. For example, they can include the batch number or a barcode.

We adapt fully and completely to you. For example, on request we can take a sample from the respective batch or individual Big Bag or adhere to specific quality control measures. It goes without saying that we thoroughly clean our equipment before each product or batch change in order to avoid any mixing of the various bulk materials. As a certified company, we are able to handle a wide range of different bulk materials, whether from the agricultural sector, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as from plastics manufacturing.

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