Our forwarding service

Modern traffic opportunities allow us to transport goods and products even over huge distances in extremely short timeframes. Together with the infrastructure necessary for this, something that has developed over decades, the demands placed on forwarders, drivers and also on the companies that offer their goods on various markets or deliver materials, have increased. These requirements stem from legal regulations, whose scope increase annually, to continually modernise the vehicle fleet and match the efficiency between internal and external logistics. We, as forwarders, see our task as being to support you, our customer, in all logistical questions. That is why we offer you all the services in the area of logistics that are exactly suited to your requirements.

Logistics und service

The legal regulations for the differing modes of transport as well as the instructions regarding the goods to be transported fill books and files and, of course, have to be observed. As a result, the tasks increase correspondingly when projects or customs clearance are involved. Every link in the logistical chain has an effect on the previous and successive links. With our know-how and years of experience, we will take care that even the most complex of logistical challenges is solved for you. Even the most difficult of tasks is practically our flexible and motivated employees’ daily bread.

Mid-sized sector - where SERVICE is written in capital letters

It is appropriate, especially for middle-sized companies, to solve logistical tasks in order to save time, manpower and costs. This not only involves the transport of goods and products, but also additional services, which we offer you and which ease your workload.

Logistics and service, this combination offers you the chance to give us time-consuming transport and storage tasks so that you can utilise your own resources better, and concentrate on your core activities.

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