Logistics means the establishment, optimisation and the maintenance of recurring processes; on the other hand different logistics projects provide ever-new challenges that need extensive knowledge of the business. Of course such projects can be done by alone, which then requires the familiarisation of the colleagues as well as extended technical infrastructure, often necessitating high investments. For this reason certain logistical challenges are not done by companies. We will help you to make your logistics better in every way so that you can concentrate on your core activity and therefore save resources that are needed elsewhere.

Outsourcing and service implementation

The many additional requirements in logistic are often a burden for many middle-sized companies whose effort in relation to the result impairs value creation. Logistics projects, including warehousing projects, require expert skill as well as a corresponding infrastructure. Particularly in these areas it is worth, for you as an entrepreneur, thinking about outsourcing the affected areas. As a forwarding company that has been in business for decades, we can make you a widely diversified offer that will convince. We offer our extensive know-how as well as new ideas as to how the value creation chain can be optimised, for example through the direct inclusion of our services as a form of extended workbench.

What can we do for you?

Of course, as a service company in the logistics industry we are available for providing advice in all forwarding matters such as overseas traffic and the requirements connected to it, e.g.customs clearance, cargo etc. In an extended framework we also offer the complete integration of your logistics. This could be the takeover of your vehicle fleet and also the processing of production steps like packaging or repackaging of goods. We also optimise you value creation chain through the development and overhaul of your supplier’s and customer’s consignment flows. In this framework we are also in a position to integrate seasonal business that is so important for some companies and therefore to resist the peaks.

Complex logistics projects are our speciality and your profit.