In global trade, goods and products are available in a wide variety of containers. Ultimately, price, demand, availability and quality of a product determine whether a purchase takes place or not. Packaging is initially of secondary importance, especially in B2B.
The packaging is given appropriate priority only in the aftermath, namely when a product has to be further processed. Small packages are less in demand in the industry and manufacturing sectors. Most machines and systems are designed to process large quantities of a product at the same time. Especially in the field of bulk materials and silo goods, small packages are neither economical nor technically applicable. But that’s what we are for! We take over the ensiling of your products from small bundles, transforming them into silo goods.

From small to large

The silo truck is one of the most economical means of transport in logistics and has unbeatable advantages, such as a fully-sealed container and a practically residue-free and super fast emptying of silo goods. For these reasons, many processing companies focus on the transportation of raw materials in silo trucks.
We can transfer products from small containers into silo trucks, cheaply and almost as quickly. Products can be transferred from a wide variety of containers, such as 20 or 40 kg sacks, drums or Big Bags, directly into the silo truck. We can also transfer smaller packages into Big Bags, which are just as popular nowadays, for example in plastics processing.

Two transfer methods

The decanting or ensiling is carried out either by gravity in free fall or by means of a mobile screw conveyor, the so-called Dino truck loader.
In particular, the transfer of smaller containers into silo trucks in free fall is used when two or more batches must be transported in separate chambers of a single silo truck. In modern industrial product processing, batch purity is an important element of quality management and thus of ISO certification. Emptying small packages directly into the respective filling chutes of the silo truck from above ensures that batches remain strictly separated. In addition, foreign bodies or packaging residues are filtered out by a downstream screen positioned in the hopper of our plant.
On the other hand, filling via the screw conveyor of a Dino truck loader is advisable if the silo truck is being loaded with a single batch. In this way, bulk and silo goods packed in Big Bags, for example, can be transferred very efficiently into the silo truck. Of course, the batch purity can also be maintained here, but this leads to loss of time as the screw conveyor has to be cleaned each time the product batch is changed.

We do it for you

As a certified company, we can transfer the contents of small containers into silo trucks or Big Bags for you. If needed, this also includes the professional disposal of any packaging residues, or the provision of the empty containers for collection or their delivery to you or to a given address.

We are available to help in many different areas. For example, agricultural raw materials or preliminary food processing products are included as well as granulates from plastics or pharmaceutical-chemical components. We set the highest standards on ourselves in terms of keeping our machines and systems clean and carefully training our employees.

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