Sea freight and air freight

Worldwide dispatch of goods by sea and air freight always poses a challenge, despite the routine. Logistic structures are standardising and transportation is being simplified nationally as a result of corresponding legal modifications at European level. At the same time, considerable differences can be seen in the countries around the world, not only in legislation or in technical infrastructure, but also in the culture. Legal frameworks, logistical infrastructure and cultural individualities.These three characteristics have to be considered in international sea and air freight.
In simple words, everything begins with us taking your goods from point A to point B. However, that's not all. Freight logistics can do much more. An example is our involvement in your projects, on the one hand to relieve your logistical infrastructure or on the other hand to bring our expert knowledge and know-how where it is needed, in order to carry out a project or a contract as stipulated. For these, as well as for other areas related to sea and air freight, we offer you comprehensive advice prior to or during operation.

Schwarzer: experienced forwarder

As an experienced forwarder we know what is important in international freight transport and, as a result of dealing with many international customers as well as business partners on all continents of the world, we are familiar with the procedures, not only on the major freight routes, whether at sea or in the air. In this way, for example, our daily contact with Chinese partners helps us to guarantee professional processing of both imports and exports from and to the Asian region. That includes proper customs clearance, the choice of freight routes and the shipping company, as well as the organisation of the freight according to quantity, volume and weight, either as general cargo, container freight or additional load in accordance with the legal requirements of the target country and the regulations of the freight company.

If it has to be done quickly

If it has to be done quickly, air freight is the means of choice. Whether it be slightly perishable goods or urgently required spare parts. All companies in Germany have the shortest connection to all continents around the world by air freight. A maximum of 24 hours are generally sufficent to transport goods to the most distant continent. We build on our experience and can ensure, for example, that urgent shipments arrive at the destination as quickly as possible through the choice of a suitable carrier.


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