Services in logistics

A logistical chain does not only involve the movement of goods from one point to another. Within this chain or line, it is possible to carry out various services that save a lot of additional effort. This not only optimizes the supply chain, but also reduces possible quality losses and, last but not least, it saves money by avoiding detours and unnecessary involvement of third parties. Our services meet the criteria of an optimised supply chain in every detail.

B2B und retail

What comes next, after the manufacture of products and goods? In general, the distribution to the end customer or to the intermediate trade. However, the products need to be prepared for this in order to become attractive for the customer, or to meet their expectations.

Stuffing and stripping of containers

Sales optimisation is only one point. General goods handling is another category, whereby a special feature has to be observed, particularly when trading container goods. Especially in Asia, containers are loaded with non-palletised consignments for space reasons. The unloading cannot occur with industrial trucks. It requires manpower as well as the loading of the containers may have peculiarities. In both cases we offer stuffing and stripping of containers.

Services by going deep

By "going deep" we mean "diving" into the goods, in order to prepare them properly. For example by labelling or marking goods or products according to your requirements. Placing labels for product marking, price labelling or product security (RFID-Labels). We can also sort products for you in accordance with your instructions, or repack the goods from bulk packaging to sales units. We also offer an additional service in this area.

Display construction

Wholesalers and producers offer retail-optimised advertising packaging to be installed in sales rooms. These displays have to be stocked with goods. We are your partner for this too.

» We are your forwarding company that not only transports goods, but also optimises them.