Knubben Spedition
in Mannheim & Köln

We have been a strong forwarding and logistics partner in the above-mentioned regions since 1938. Our business areas in Germany and Europe are transportation (FTL/LTL/packaged goods), whereby in the FTL sector we serve the packaged and free-flowing (silo) product groups for our long-standing customers.

We have been a partner of the general cargo logistics systems ONLINE and S.T.a.R. for many years. Both systems have more than 70 partner service providers, so your goods are in good hands with us and arrive at their destination within 24/48 hours (all locations in Germany and neighboring countries).

Another large segment in Mannheim as well as in Cologne are our logistics facilities. In the Rhine-Neckar and Rhineland metropolitan areas, we provide our well-known customers with optimal logistics space. There are all kinds of possibilities here, from conventional warehousing to heated warehouses, shelved storage areas and the storage of packaged foodstuffs (HACCP) - please contact us!

As both sites are located in the heart of Germany's major chemical industry locations, it goes without saying that this branch of industry is a strong partner of Knubben Spedition. For this reason, we also offer many services in the area of bulk goods, such as silo transportation, ensiling of bulk goods in octabins and big bags, decanting and much more.

PACKED & Dry Bulk” value added services are our motivation, test us. Here is a brief overview of our services:

  • National and international transports (F/GB/SP/CH/I/PL and many more)
  • Special transports in the field of heavy goods, overwidth, overheight with all services such as procurement of permits / escort vehicle / route inspection / loading and unloading organization etc.
  • Special transports from 1 kg to 25 tons
  • Trade fair transportation
  • Air freight via Frankfurt / Rhein-Main Airport
  • Container transports (sea freight via European ports and short sea)
  • Container stuffing/ stripping
  • Picking/stuffing ensiling/labeling/repackaging/packaging
  • Project logistics
  • Customs formalities

The geographical trimodal location is excellent for both sites. Knubben Mannheim is located in the port of Mannheim approx. 150 m from the “DUSS” and “Contargo” rail terminals, an economic argument for import and export containers that are to be loaded and unloaded. There are also terminals in the immediate vicinity on the water side. Knubben Köln is located a stone's throw away from the port of Cologne-Niehl, with its rail and ship connections to the ARA ports, among others. But one of the largest German terminals, Köln Eifeltor, is also a neighbor. Around 100 national and international CT trains, e.g. from Italian and Spanish economic centers, have their origin or destination here.

Two locations ......A strong partner....Knubben, who else!!!