Apprenticeships in the logistics industry

An apprenticeship in the logistics industry means beginning an occupation with a future. Transportation, like transport logistics for production and trading companies, is of great importance today, and logistics has already become a part of the value creation chain, whose optimisation requires expert knowledge and ability.

As a leading service provider in the field of forwarding we offer apprenticeships in the logistics industry that encompass different occupations. Because of our wide spectrum and diversity of services that we offer our customers, we also offer apprenticeships in the relevant fields.

These are:

Warehouse clerk

After a two-year dual apprenticeship the tasks of the warehouse clerk mainly encompass activities in the warehouse, from incoming goods through storage, commissioning, stock management and outgoing goods.

Warehouse logistics specialist

In the three-year dual apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist, the field of occupation extends that of the warehouse clerk through important aspects such as warehouse optimisation, and can create the basis for further training as a master of warehouse logistics.

Forwarding and logistical services commercial clerk

After the three-year apprenticeship, the commercial clerk for forwarding and logistical services is responsible for the organisation of logistical services such as dispatch, transhipment and storage of goods and products.

Office management commercial clerk

Office management commercial clerk is an occupation that was introduced in 2014 and which mainly involves modern office and business processes in the three-year apprenticeship.

Automotive mechatronic technician

The profession of automotive mechatronic technician is an assimilation of the former car mechanic and car electrician professions. This assimilation was done as a result of the increased integration of mechanical and electrical elements in automotive parts.

Professional driver

A professional driver is as qualified driver in accordance with the Professional Drivers' Qualification Law, who learns knowledge about commercial vehicles, road traffic law as well as goods transport during their three-year apprenticeship.


Alongside the previously mentioned apprenticeships, we also offer interested pupils an internship in our company so that they can get to know our company and the industry.

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