Environmental protection - Logistics with responsibility

We are exposed to criticism. Of course we are aware of the environmetal impact of freight transport, but we also know that there is no real alternative in the economy to cover the needs with goods and products. Through several measures we reduce emissions of environmentally damaging gases and we ensure for the reduction in consumption of important resources by appropriate means and ideas.

Environmental protection in our forwarding company

The latest engine technology, which is used in our vehicles, considerably reduces the CO2 emissions. We employ different engine variations which correspond to the freight weight in order to largely avoid both under- and overmotorization.

Environmental protection at our forwarding company also includes a sophisticated route planning which for example implies the bypass of traffic jam sections as well as the use of piggyback transports over the Alps or combined transportation.

Our drivers are specially trained to guarantee a fuel-efficient driving.

Environmental protection not only on the road

Similarly to vehicles, we implement environmentally protective measures in our buildings. For this reason, on the most suitable parts of our roofs, we placed photovoltaic arrays for the production of renewable electricity.

However the notorious friendly climate is not only ensured by such capital-intensive investments. In our operating rooms, recyclable materials are sorted and introduced into the recycling process.

Operating materials of various kinds are used in vehicles as well as in workshops and warehouses. Their sensible selection and use also assist in reducing the environmental impact.

Even in this digital "paperless" age, large quantities of printouts are produced in the office of any forwarding company. We reduce this to a minimum.