Transportation contains many rules, laws and regulations as well as documents and spreadsheets that result from these that, depending on the kind of transport, have to be used or are universally valid. Particularly the regulations regarding animal feed transport as well as their storage encompass a huge set of rules that is published and maintained by institutions and authorities. Here we have some links to relevant databases and important documents as well as proofs for our own certification, proof of insurance and permits.

Zertifikat ISO 14001 2015, DIN EN 16258:2012

The environment is important to us. For this reason, we have decided to introduce an environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001. This instrument enables us to tackle environmental problems proactively and achieve continuous improvement in the environmental performance of our company. To optimise this environmental management system, we are also certified in accordance with DIN EN 16258.

Zertifikat ISO 9001:2015/ HACCP

DIN ISO 9001:2015 is a standard for quality management systems. With this implemented and practised QM system, we are able to continuously improve our services and ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We have also obtained HACCP certification in the area of general cargo transport.

Versicherungsbestätigung und EU-Lizenz

Freight transport requires appropriate insurance, because even the best haulage company is not immune to damage caused by accidents or other unforeseen events. However, the insurance confirmation available here can prove that we do everything we can to fulfil your transport order.


Here you will find our current haulage handover note: