A company of the Schwarzer Group

We have been active in the freight business for more than 70 years and have continuously expanded our business segment, in accordance with the requirements of our customers. In addition to the original freight traffic in the domestic long-distance and local traffic as well as in the container transport sector, warehousing and thus the business field of logistics with a wide range of services were soon added.

The history of the company


All started with a horse and a carriage

1945: Shortly after the end of the war, on 5/6/1945, Ludwig Schimmler founded the driving business with a horse and a wagon. Despite great difficulties in obtaining feed, he owned six horses.

1946: Appointment as official railway forwarding agent

1947: Purchase of the first truck with 1.5 t

1948: Considerable increase in business size after the currency reform

1957: Lease of the first company site on Kalmsweg

1964: Purchase of the land and authorisation for long-distance haulage

1970: Takeover of the activity in the dispatch forwarding

1980: Foundation of the Schimmler Transport GmbH

1985: Purchase of additional land with office, storage and quay connection on the former AG-Weser site. Foundation of Schimmler Umschlags- und Speditions GmbH

1987: Building of a new storage hall

1988: Purchase of an adjoining plot of land and construction of a warehouse

1990: Just before the reunification of Germany. Foundation of LAE Transport und Speditions GmbH Containerdienst Leipzig-Taucha

1995: Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the company group

New times

2009: Consolidation of the companies Schimmler Umschlags- und Speditions GmbH and Schimmler Transport GmbH into Schimmler Logistics GmbH

2020: Schimmler Logistics becomes part of the Schwarzer Group, Schimmler Logistics is renamed Schimmler Spedition