Philosophy of the Schwarzer Group

"Where the highest demands have to be satisfied, where only the chosen can meet the required quality, then only the best is good enough". This quote from a letter by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe reflects very well our philosophy, insomuch that only the best is good enough for our customers.

Why we are, what we are

As a family-lead company we are not only committed to economic issues, we also consider ecology at an equally high level. The creation of consistent values also means a sustainable company policy which is long-term oriented, so as to take into account both economy and ecology.

This involves cooperation with our customers and suppliers at eye level, along with us as a reliable employer. We not only demand fair dealings with our employees in all business areas, we also live this principle.

These values are based on our tradition as a company, now in its fourth generation, which has learned and is learning, from a history of more than 100 years, that also business life concerns the interaction between people.

Our regional roots may have helped us not only to maintain but even to strengthen the link between being a globally active company, which we have become in the meantime, and the area, where we come from.

We grow with our customers

We actually try to grow a little quicker, so as to be able to provide our customers an innovative and broad range of products and services. A longstanding employee base with a high degree of expert knowledge and the most modern equipment are, of course, part of this.
In the end, our quality also results from our independence and, of course, from the flexibility that is always available for you, our customer and business partner.