The transport sector includes a large number of regulations, laws and ordinances as well as the resulting documents and tables, which are applied or have general validity depending on the type of transport. In particular, the requirements for the transport of feedstuffs, foodstuffs, animal by-products and their storage comprise a large body of regulations that are published and maintained by institutions and authorities. Here we offer you some links to relevant databases and important documents as well as proof of our own certification, insurance certificates and authorisations.


The foundations of our origins, such as individuality, flexibility, reliability and efficiency, still apply today and are always pursued. To ensure that we fulfil our and your high standards in a comprehensible and sustainable manner, we have obtained certification and introduced quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Your goods are important to us. For these reasons, we have also obtained IFS International Featured Standard - Version 2.2 certification for the storage and transport of food, food ingredients and additives, cereal products and snacks, beverages (wine, sparkling wine, spirits and juices), dry products, pet food, cosmetics, chemical household products, hygiene products and household items.

In addition, we have been certified for the acceptance and storage of organic products in accordance with the organic standard DE ÖKO 003 gemäß (EG) 2018/848

With the Fuhrpark Fumo Compliant Carrier fleet check, we offer our customers maximum security for all common risks. The Fuhrpark Check stands for legal compliance in logistics and regularly checks all legal parameters for handling security and legal compliance. Although we assure our customers that we work in compliance with the law, we also do so and have had ourselves scrutinised and certified in this respect.
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Green Monitoring, which regularly audits us and documents developments, stands for the consistent pursuit of this initiative. In addition to reporting, the certificate and classification represent the measurable unit for recertification. We are proud to be classified as A+ for the best possible value.

But now we are going one step further and participating in the Green Logistics World initiative with the GreenCheck in accordance with DIN 16258 and successfully completed the first stage of the GreenCheck process in 2014. This means preparing our own energy and greenhouse gas balance sheet and complying with the DIN 16258 regulations. You can view the report and certificate here.

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