Crate washing in the food industry

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with the food industry, we can fall back on a lot of know-how and expertise. As a logistics service provider, however, it is no longer sufficient to just handle the transports for your customers from A to B. For this reason, in addition to the classic transport business, we also offer additional services such as cleaning various transport containers.

With high quality standards, more than 30,000 E1 and E2 crates from the food industry are cleaned every day in our crate washer. In addition to cleaning, of course, we offer our customers professional interim storage as well as transport to the production facility. We deliver just in time, so that the amount of cleaned and disinfected boxed is suitable for production. Besides the smaller E1 and E2 boxes, we also wash big boxes as well as H1 plastic pallets. Washing with tested chemical agents and disinfectants as well as drinking water in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance ensures that all legal and customer internal quality standards are met. These standards are regularly reviewed and recorded by internal and external quality controls.

Along with transport containers of the food industry, boxes and crates from the plastics and automotive industries are also cleaned.

Have we aroused your interest in working together in this area? Further or individual information is available on request.