Transportation contains many rules, laws and regulations as well as documents and spreadsheets that, depending on the kind of transport, have to be applied or are universally valid. In particular the guidelines regarding the transport of fodder, food and animal by-products as well as their storage include a huge set of rules that is published and maintained by institutions and authorities. Here are some links to relevant databases and important documents as well as proofs of our certification, insurance and permits.

ISO 9001

Our ISO certification includes the following points:

  • Long goods transport of partial and complete loads
  • Loading logistics of aluminum profiles
  • Storage and delivery of liquors

You can find our current certificate here

English version

Insurance confirmation and EU licence

Freight transports require corresponding insurance because even the best forwarder is not immune to damage from accidents or other unforeseen events. Nonetheless the insurance confirmation can prove that we do all we can in order to fulfil your contract. Part of this is, of course, a valid licence for trans-border commercial freight transport.

GMP+ B3 & B4

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a set of rules, contains the GMP+ B4 standard for the transport of fodder. In addition to GMP B4, since 2015 we are GMP B3 certified for the storage of packaged feed.

These certificates presume e.g. an integration of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), a standard for animal feed safety. In our download area you will find the link to the website of the International Database Transport for Feed (IDTF) and, with the appropriate search terms you can read about cleaning processes and transport conditions for animal feed. Additionally you will find our current GMP certificate.