Forwarding: Internationally and nationally

As a medium-sized forwarding company we are always ‘close’ to our customers and yet globally networked. Our company is structured to provide services that go beyond the pure forwarding business, so that we are able to support you in the logistics process optimisation.

A family-run company in its fourth generation

We have been in the freight business for more than 100 years and have continually extended our market during this time frame, matching our customer’s needs. In addition to the original freight transport in the agricultural industry, there soon came warehousing and the connected business area of logistics with a wide range of services.

Globally active

Being broadly positioned and providing you, as our customer, a wide range of services has many advantages for you. Not only referring to the global transportation of goods and merchandise in both export and import, and the associated often very complex custom clearence operation, but equally in the supply chain and the value creation chain. With tailor-made solutions we ensure that your goods arrive at the right time, in the right place, and in the required quality and quantity.

We do not limit ourselves to a well-functioning just-in-time delivery of your goods. We unburden your enterprise through a range of services that seamlessly fit into the logistical process. Beginning with the warehousing, then repackaging, labelling up to the silage of bulk goods. And everything is centrally handled. No long transportations outside of the planned routes. Thanks to our excellently established infrastructure we are able to cover nearly all of your logistical requirements, thus making you an offer from a single source.