History of Schwarzer Spedition


The history of our company began more than 100 years ago in today’s Polish town of Bystrzyca Kłodzka, formerly called Habelschwerdt. It was the year 1913, a very restless time with the First World War appearing on the horizon. Nevertheless Heinrich Schwarzer had the courage to found his own company Heinrich Schwarzer – Motorfahrzeuge. A firm that first dealt with the repair of trucks and cars in the former Silesia.

More than 100 years of Schwarzer Spedition

In these 100 hundred years our company has had many ups and downs. Heinrich Schwarzer managed to expand his company to 20 employees by the end of the Second World War. At the end of the war Habelschwerdt became part of the Russian Occupation Zone and Josef Schwarzer, son of the founder, started from scratch in the West, in the Lower Saxonian municipality of Steinfeld. The new company was founded as early as 1946, this time as a freight company whereby an old German army truck, a Ford V8, created the foundation.
Three years later the first new vehicle arrived, a Büsing with diesel engine, which was more economical than the original gasoline-powered Ford.
Our already established orientation towards the agricultural sector was reinforced by the purchase of a silo vehicle in 1965. At that time the third-generation son, Joachim Schwarzer, was working in the company.

Things get tight on the old place

In 1966 a property in Handorfer Straße was made accessible and a workshop as well as an office building were built there.
In the year 1990 the Schwarzer Spedition’s family history continued with the entry of Klaus Schwarzer. From that moment on, our business area was extended to warehousing. The second large storehouse was built.

From lone fighter to team player

Once more regionally positioned, the long-established forwarding company Schwarzer was known almost exclusively in north-west Germany. Since the first takeover in 2016, however, the family-owned company has decided to position itself throughout Germany in order to be able to meet the demands of customers and the growing logistics market. With the first takeover of Paulsen Gütertransporte from Schleswig-Holstein, the first additional branch was opened and thus the starting signal was given for the establishment of the Schwarzer Group.

In addition to the continuous expansion of storage space at the main location in Steinfeld, Schwarzer Logistics is expanding in 2018 with the acquisition of BVD in Sendenhorst. This was followed in 2019 by the establishment of the Schwarzer Spedition location in Hamburg in order to be able to bundle all customs, sea and air freight activities, as well as the growing rail traffic to China, there. In 2020, the acquisition of Hilgers Transport GmbH in Monheim with an additional location in Herkenbosch in the Netherlands took place, as well as the acquisition of Schimmler Logistics GmbH in Bremen.

Already in 2021, the next acquisition took place, the traditional company Spedition Knubben, based in Mannheim and Cologne, and in 2022 the largest transaction to date, the takeover of Schmelzer Spedition in Gensingen. In addition to the acquisitions, the storage capacities at the headquarters in Steinfeld were permanently expanded.

Further acquisitions were not long in coming, so that in January 2023 the company Nüsslein in Pleinfeld and the company Kleinert in Hockenheim were taken over. In the course of 2023, Schwarzer Spedition opened a location in Untermeitingen near Augsburg, so that Schwarzer Logistics is now represented throughout Germany. In addition, we have our own offices in Romania and Poland.

With over 900 employees, 500 of its own trucks and approx. 150,000 m² of storage space, Schwarzer Logistics has developed into a diverse group with different focal points such as general cargo, partial and full loads, bulk goods, refrigerated transports, silo transports, inland and sea freight, rail transport, ensiling, reworking and much more in the areas of transport and logistics.

The journey continues....